Using an Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor Recommendations:

Can I use the WR sensors underwater? (Do you have an underwater sensor?)

The MaxSonar-WR and MaxSonar-WRC sensors are IP67 rated and can be submerged (up to one meter) but the sensors are not designed to range underwater. The primary reason is because of the change in the density and speed of sound through the water medium. We have had many requests to explore this type of ranging, however, we have decided not to go in the direction of underwater ultrasonic sensors at this time as it is outside our current company scope. Periodically, we will continue to reevaluate adding a product that is designed for underwater use.

Do I have to seal the backside of the sensor where the pinout is?

Yes, the front side of the sensor is IP67 rated, however, the user is still required to seal the pinout section of the sensor. We can easily do that for you if you add the shielded cable attach option when selecting your sensor. You can check out our article about weatherproofing the pinout.

Is the sonar made for use in an underwater environment?

The sensor is rated IP67 meaning it can tolerate submersion in water up to 1 meter deep (and with the F-Option it is rated IP68 three-meter submersion or even more). Do understand the sensor is not designed to operate when underwater.

If the sonar is not meant for underwater use, how can you outfit it to work underwater?

If you use the analog envelope output, you could use the waveform and look for the underwater reflections in the waveform detected by the sensor. This would require an AD converter that sampled at regular intervals and then this data would show the distance to the target. Some users reported that they used the analog voltage output with success (it reported the wrong distance because ultrasonic sound waves travel at different speeds underwater, but they were able to use the measurements with lookup values).


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Water Depth Sensing with Ultrasonics
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Water Depth Sensing with Ultrasonics
With ultrasonic sensors, we can find the water depth calculation by finding the distance between the transceiver and the surface of the water.
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