IoT Level Sensor

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iot level sensor

Italy based TECLAB and their parent company FAST have developed an IoT level sensor solution named Level-X.

Level-X is used to detect the level of water flowing in a channel, calculating the water flow for overflow channels. 


They use an ultrasonic sensor for measuring open flumes and rainwater diverters.

Level-X is compatible with all the data loggers of the Aqualog line and can be perfectly integrated with the Overland and Aquaworks web platforms.

This sensor is the sensor element integrated into a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) device.



This high-performance measurement sensor can be used to:

  • Calculate the capacity of Venturi and Parsh open flumes and wired boxes of the Basin and Thomson type
  • Calculate the level/capacity for small open rainwater diverters
  • Calculate the capacity of sources with wired boxes of the Basic type or of other shapes and sizes.


Review the Level-X here

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