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Ubidots - IOT Development Platform

ubidots iot internet of things
Tank Volumen Reader Case

Ubidots is an IOT development platform used by engineers, makers, and automation specialists alike.

Using our MB7389, Ubidots was able to build an industrial volume presence reader with an ESP32. 

What you'll read:

  • How to build a tank volume reader
  • Using an MB7389 MaxSonar sensor
  • Connect to an ESP32-DevKitC
  • Transmit the data read by the sensor to Ubidots over WiFi using MQTT as a communication protocol

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Radio Bridge Inc. - Long-range wireless IoT sensor designer and manufacturer

Radio Bridge Inc. provides a general purpose LoRaWAN bridge using MaxBotix sensors to be used in many applications. 


  • Industries served: retail, industrial, oil and gas, deduction, utilities, security
  • Typically used in tank motioning applications
  • Wireless connectivity with LoRaWAN protocol 
  • Wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors

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TECLAB | FAST - IoT Level Sensor

iot level sensor

TECLAB and FAST provide an IoT Level Sensor name Level-X

Level-X is used to detect the level of water flowing in a channel, calculating the water flow for overflow channels. 


  • Calculate the capacity of Venturi and Parsh open flumes and wired boxes of the Basin and Thomson type
  • Calculate the level/capacity for small open rainwater diverters
  • Calculate the capacity of sources with wired boxes of the Basic type or of other shapes and sizes.

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LX Group - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Tank Level Measurement

tank level sensor for distance

LX Group developed an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Tank Level Measurement


  • Used in grain silos, water tanks, and dams
  • Monitor the level of water tanks remotely
  • The plug-and-play product works out of the box and is robustly designed to work in rough environments.

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ELSYS LoRaWAN IoT Distance Sensor 

iot distance sensor

Sweden based company ELSYS uses a sensor from our WR line in their IoT Distance Sensor.

Real world applications include:

  • Underground water level measurement

  • Waste level measurement in containers

  • Snow depth measurement 

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