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Level Monitoring

Ubidots - IOT Development Platform

ubidots iot internet of things
Tank Volumen Reader Case

Ubidots is an IOT development platform used by engineers, makers, and automation specialists alike.

Using our MB7389, Ubidots was able to build an industrial volume presence reader with an ESP32. 

What you'll read:

  • How to build a tank volume reader
  • Using an MB7389 MaxSonar sensor
  • Connect to an ESP32-DevKitC
  • Transmit the data read by the sensor to Ubidots over WiFi using MQTT as a communication protocol

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Radio Bridge Inc. - Long-range wireless IoT sensor designer and manufacturer

Radio Bridge Inc. provides a general purpose LoRaWAN bridge using MaxBotix sensors to be used in many applications. 


  • Industries served: retail, industrial, oil and gas, deduction, utilities, security
  • Typically used in tank monitoring applications
  • Wireless connectivity with LoRaWAN protocol 
  • Wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors

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LX Group - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Tank Level Measurement

tank level sensor for distance

LX Group developed an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Tank Level Measurement


  • Used in grain silos, water tanks, and dams
  • Monitor the level of water tanks remotely
  • The plug-and-play product works out of the box and is robustly designed to work in rough environments.

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Omixom - River Flood Monitoring

Omixom SRL is an engineering firm based in Córdoba, Argentina specializing in Agriculture and working with Government entities to provide solutions.

Industries served:

  • Agriculture
  • Government

The MB7052 sensor continuously measures distance to water. This information is taken by the hardware, then processed and finally sent through GPRS or satellite connection to an internet server where final users can check the information.

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ELSYS - LoRaWAN IoT Distance Sensor 

iot distance sensor

Sweden based company ELSYS uses a sensor from our WR line in their IoT Distance Sensor.

Real world applications include:

  • Underground water level measurement
  • Waste level measurement in containers
  • Snow depth measurement 

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Invigicom - Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor 

invigicom ultrasonic sensor remote level

Florida based company Invigicom Inc. developed an easy to use solution that replaces traditional tank monitoring systems that use float gauges or pressure sensors.

Why use this solution?:

  • Easy to use solution for wireless ultrasonic tank level monitoring
  • Get email alerts for tank servicing.
  • Invigicom monitors the back office for system problems. In many cases, they will see problems before the customer does and have the ability to fix them through the back office.

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ATIM - Ultrasonic Distance Reading

Villard-de-Lans, France based company ATIM leads IoT developing solutions for smart cities, smart energy, utilities and smart agriculture.

Why use their solutions?

  • Plug & Play setup and installation
  • Monitoring water, snow or sand levels or filling rate of silos or containers remotely
  • Alerting via SMS & emails
  • Proof of Concept solution available within 10 workdays guaranteed

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ellenex - Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Sensor

ellenex logo

Melbourne, Australia based company ellenex released a low power, battery operated non-contact level sensor which they call DUS2.  

The types of applications supported by ellenex are:

  • Water tank level monitoring in farms
  • Water trough level monitoring
  • Diesel tank level monitoring
  • Flood monitoring
  • Chemical tank level monitoring
  • Open channel level monitoring

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AccuDose - Remote Tank Level Monitoring

accudose logo

Tampa, FL based company AccuDose provides real-time monitoring solutions for water and wastewater pumping systems.

Features of AccuDose's solution AccuLevel

  • Prevent or reduce wastewater overflows
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Real-time updates
  • No fee remote cellular internet access

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Laird Connectivity - IoT Level Sensing

This Solution is Coming Soon!

ultrasonic iot level sensor

Akron, Ohio based Laird Connectivity has developed an integration system to quickly deploy IoT systems in various industries.

The Sentrius BT610 I/O sensor supports the detection of solids and fluids.

In these applications, you’ll likely be detecting for:

  • Detecting the change in an environment
  • Monitoring safe levels
  • Monitoring the height or level of material in bins, silos, or tanks
  • Water level detection and monitoring at dams, rivers, flumes, flumes, and more.

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ONSEN Ingeniería - Industrial Solutions

onsen logo

Cordoba,  Argentina based company ONSEN Ingeniería provides solutions for the industrial sectors.  They focus on easy to integrate solutions for industrial processes already in operation.

Types of Solutions:

  • Telemetry
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Automation

ONSEN carries out custom, scalable developments through a nationally manufactured IoT platform.  Their affordable services are already used throughout their region.


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Crodeon - IoT Remote Monitoring

Ghent, Belgium based company Crodeon Technologies aims to simplify remote sensing solutions for organizations across Europe.

Industries served:

  • Infrastructure
  • Industry
  • HVAC
  • Agriculture
  • Water

MaxBotix sensors are Crodeon’s preferred sensor supplier for ultrasonic level measurements, and with that being said, is part of Crodeon’s sensor line-up. 

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Origo.Farm - IoT Agriculture Systems

Perth, Australia based company installs systems for the harshest farming environments. provides an easy to use operation dashboard on any device, so with that and the server, you’re able to fully connect your farm IT system and store every data point for analysis.

Industry Served:

  • Agriculture

Solutions Provided:

  • Grain farming
  • Livestock 
  • Control & Automation
  • Device service’s customers range from pure livestock operations through mixed operations like grain and livestock to grain only operations and outdoor vegetable growers.

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Snow Depth and Water Level

ToltHawk - IoT Water Level Monitoring and Flood Tracking Sensor

tolthawk logo
tolthawk sensor
Carnation, WA based ToltHawk has developed a fully customizable hardware and cloud solution to monitor water levels remotely.

Typical industries served by Tolthawk include:

  • Monitoring rivers & streams,
  • Flood monitoring,
  • River basin simulation
  • Roadway monitoring for flood conditions
  • Wells, snow, dams, water tanks, irrigation flumes and weirs, soil moisture, and many others.

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TECLAB | FAST - IoT Level Sensor

iot level sensor

TECLAB and FAST provide an IoT Level Sensor named Level-X

Level-X is used to detect the level of water flowing in a channel, calculating the water flow for overflow channels. 


  • Calculate the capacity of Venturi and Parsh open flumes and wired boxes of the Basin and Thomson type
  • Calculate the level/capacity for small open rainwater diverters
  • Calculate the capacity of sources with wired boxes of the Basic type or of other shapes and sizes.

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TEKNAM - Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

snow depth sensor

Turkey-based company Teknam offers a solution for snow depth measurement.

Real world applications include:

  • Easy to install for meteorological and agricultural measurements
  • Digital output - can be immune to external noise
  • High accuracy due to an internal temperature sensor 

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BeadedStream - IoT Snow and Water Level Monitoring

beaded stream logo

BeadedStream is a manufacturer and designer of custom, digital temperature monitoring solutions used in a range of research and engineering applications.

Industries served:

  • Environmental
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining

BeadedStream uses the MaxBotix MB7366 primarily for snow and water level monitoring.  Specifically, BeadedStream has used the MB7366 for tundra snow depth monitoring.  

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Zenith - Snow Depth Sensing Solutions


Ankara, Turkey based company Zenith Scientific Instruments developed a snow depth sensing application.

The application uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the snow depth at different locations.

Industries Served by Zenith Scientific Instruments:

  • Meteorological
  • Electronical

Built with ultrasonic sensors, these snow depth sensors are used to detect snow levels by government entities and ski resorts. 

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NCD - Long Range Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor

Osceola, MO based company NCD has developed an industrial grade ultrasonic tank level sensor.

Real world applications include:

  • Wireless tank level measurement
  • Bin level measurement
  • Long range object detection
  • Proximity Zone Detection
  • Wireless tank level monitoring

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Aranet - Wireless Distance Sensor

Aurora, Colorado based company serves the industry with wireless sensors, base stations, and cloud solutions.

Real world applications include:

  • Detecting grain levels
  • Liquid level detection in containers.

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Aistio - IoT Solution with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

aistio district monitoring

Soficta Oy, Finland based company uses an ultrasonic sensor from MaxBotix’s WR line in their IoT based monitoring solution called Aistio District Monitoring – a comprehensive remote monitoring service, targeted for Energy Companies with District Heating and Cooling (DHC).

  • Ultrasonic sensor used for measuring water level inside DHC manholes

  • Battery operated device, with a lifetime 5 – 10 years, depending on the measurement interval
  • Operates via an IoT network, currently available for LoRaWAN

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RACSA  - Tanker Truck Monitoring

Monterrey, Mexico based company RACSA has developed a  diesel and gas level monitoring solution for tanker trucks using telemetry with GPS. 

Industries served:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas

RACSA  manages more than 80 teams that are compatible with their platform, with which they can carry out integrations if necessary.

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Ursalink  - Ultrasonic Level LoRaWAN Sensor

ursalink logo

Xiamen, Fujian Province, China-based company Ursalink has developed an IoT level measurement solution working with our MB7380 (5m)  and MB7383 (10m) ultrasonic sensors. 

Industries served:

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Water Treatment
  • Smart City

The types of solutions developed include grain silo level monitoring, tank level monitoring, and water/snow level monitoring.

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SweetSense  - Track Water Usage and Levels with IoT Sensors

SweetSense’s mission is to improve the transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness of remote water, energy, and infrastructure projects to improve health and quality of life.

Solutions provided:

  • Monitor water use
  • Water conservation
  • Monitor water quality

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FDX Ingeniería de Desarrollo  - IoT Telemetry Systems

Argentina based company FDX Ingeniería de Desarrollo uses MaxBotix sensors in their IoT level transmitter for wastewater.  Their FDX-RA1-3G is a low power, battery-powered level sensing unit that communicates via 3G using an ultrasonic sensor. 

Applications served:

  • Levels of water effluents are monitored
  • Monitoring the levels of sewage liquid
  • Network pressure remote monitoring

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Dryp - Water Infrastructure Monitoring

Dryp is a Denmark based company that develops solutions to manage and monitor entire water infrastructures in real time.  A network of distributed sensors is used to accomplish this.

Industries Served:

  • Environmental services

  • Wastewater and Rainwater management services

Dryp offers their clients smart, efficient, affordable, and long term solutions for their water infrastructure challenges.

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Locator - Water Reservoir Level Meters

locator logo

Armenia based company Locator CJSC designs, produces and supplies water reservoir level meters.  Their primary focus is in Armenia’s market with optimal price and quality terms. 

Industries Served:

  • Drinking Water Management
  • Irrigation Water Management

Locator develops private and state structures to solve complex problems with a mix of advanced technologies. 

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Cloud Solutions

TankVista - Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Software Solution

tank vista software

Minneapolis Based Company New Boundary Technologies developed an IoT cloud application for tank level monitoring called TankVista.

Industries served:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Smart city 

This system sends the data collected by MaxBotix sensors to the cloud and TankVista can visualize that data for the client and make it very intuitive and an easy to use application.

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Triotos - Cloud Based IoT Solutions

triotos logo

Parsippany, NJ based company Triotos serves Industrial and Commercial businesses that need an IoT solution.  Triotos provides a cloud based IoT backend built on AWS IoT core and applications.

Solutions Include:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Industrial Site/Equipment Monitoring
  • Integrated Connected Product Monitoring

Sensor manufacturers or monitoring solution providers also work with Triotos to migrate to the cloud or to develop new solutions.

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Oncierre - End-to-End Software Product Development


Bangalore, India based company Oncierre Systems provides end to end design, prototyping and manufacturing support.

Industries served by Oncierre Systems:

  • Renewables
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

Their expertise is in designing full stack connected solutions – from concept to production. 

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Dimonoff - IoT Based Smart City Solutions

Québec City, Quebec, Canada based company Dimonoff is a reliable provider of connect solutions as well as a committed partner, facilitating the implementation of IoT solutions.

Industries served by Dimonoff:

  • Smart Cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • Medical
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure

They have experience working with many solutions, and there’s a good chance they’ve worked in your industry in the past. 

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Presence Detection

FALCO  - Smart Marina Management with IoT Sensors

smart marina iot sensor

Paris, France based company Wattson Elements developed FALCO, an IoT sensor solution used to detect boats in a marina.

Industries served:

  • Marine Industry
  • Marinas
  • Harbors

The types of solutions developed include marina management & services, marina berths/slips occupancy monitoring and boat safety monitoring.

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Power Solutions for IoT Applications

Voltaic - High Performance Solar Power for IoT

voltaic solar panel

Brooklyn NY based Voltaic Systems develops solutions for trucking, environmental monitoring, agtech, and parking.

Use Cases:

  • Tide Monitoring With Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Solar Powered River Gauge with Particle
  • Solar Powered Remote Water Level Monitoring

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