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  • We test our sensors for over 200,000 hours to verify reliability (MTBF)
  • We warranty our sensor from a manufacturing defect

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We've helped over 20,000 engineers find sensor solutions for their applications.

Our sensors have been integrated into over 10,000 projects.

uav ultrasonic sensor

Autonomous Navigation x Obstacle Avoidance

Many of our sensors have been used in drone, UAV, and robotics projects.  Read more about our products and use cases. 

Level Sensing

For tank level, smart waste, flood level monitoring, and more, our product use in level sensing use cases have proven to be successful.

People Detection

In kiosks and other applications needing proximity detection, you can use our sensors to detect the presence and absence of people, and more. 

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions for many of our OEM customers.

If there isn't a sensor in our current product offering that works for your needs.

Our team can work with you to see if we can develop a viable solution. 

We'll walk you through every step to ensure you have the best fit for your application.

The Step By Step Process

Request Tech Support

1. Discuss your application with our support team

Sensor Selection Help

2. Choose a Sensor

3. Easily integrate the sensor in your application


Our collaborators serve as case studies to show you how the sensors are being used in an end user application.  

You can either leverage our Collaborators end product or work with us to find the right sensor for your solution.

One of our most popular case studies is our integration with Radio Bridge, read more of the details below. 

Long-range wireless IoT sensor designer and manufacturer

Radio Bridge Inc. provides a general purpose LoRaWAN bridge using MaxBotix sensors to be used in many applications. 


  • Industries served: retail, industrial, oil and gas, deduction, utilities, security
  • Typically used in tank monitoring applications
  • Wireless connectivity with LoRaWAN protocol 
  • Wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors

Additional Collaborator Partners :

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aistio district monitoring

Global Distributors

Much of our user base order through our global distributors.

One of the main reasons is because many large companies have our distributors listed as approved vendors.

Our relationship with those distributors allows us to help you find the right solution

and you can order from our distributors with confidence.

How Ultrasonic Sensors Work

Ultrasonic sensors work by sending out a sound wave at a frequency above the range of human hearing.  

The transducer of the sensor acts as a microphone to receive and transmitter to send the ultrasonic sound. 

Our ultrasonic sensors, like many others, use a single transducer to send a pulse and to receive the echo.  The sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and receiving of the ultrasonic pulse.

Common uses include:

  • Level Sensing
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Distance Sensing

Our ultrasonic sensors are easy to install and low maintenance. They are intended for non-contact sensing, which means there will be a lack of any build up on the sensor face itself.

Why Use an Ultrasonic Sensor?

Ultrasound is reliable in any lighting environment and can be used inside or outside.  Ultrasonic sensors can handle collision avoidance for a robot, and being moved often, as long as it isn’t too fast.  

Ultrasonic sensors are so widely used, they can be reliably implemented in grain bin sensing applications, water level sensing, drone applications and sensing cars at your local drive-thru restaurant or bank.

Ultrasonic rangefinders are commonly used as devices to detect a collision. 

Ultrasonic Sensors are best used in the non-contact detection of:

  • Presence
  • Level
  • Position
  • Distance

Non-contact sensors are also referred to as proximity sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensors Operate Independent of:

  • Light
  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Color
  • Material (except for soft surfaces, i.e. wool, because the surface absorbs the ultrasonic sound wave and doesn’t reflect sound.)

Long range detection of targets with varied surface properties.

Not sure if our sensors would be the right fit for your application?

Click the button below to contact our team to discuss your project needs.

New Product Releases

HRLV-ShortRange-EZ Sensor Line

Low power, Dual Transducer Ultrasonic Sensors.  Perfect for use in robot ranging and proximity zone detection.

short range ultrasonic sensor

CarSonar-WR Sensor Line

Low power, easy to deploy ultrasonic sensors for use in drive thru's, automated displays, smart parking meters, and more. 

car detection sensor

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