Sensors for Robotic Applications

Browse our selection of sensors hand-picked for use in robotic applications. To read about this application, click here. If you need any further help selecting the right sensor for you, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Sensors For All Environments

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xl-maxsonar-wr ultrasonic sensor


Designed for robotic applications where the sensor requires custom mounting. This sensor is a great choice for environments with a single sensor or strict mounting environments.

Each $99.95

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Sensors For Protected / Indoor Use

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xl-maxsonar-ez ultrasonic proximity sensor


High tolerance for interference from acoustic or electric noise. Ideal for robotic applications with multiple motors and servos. Offers a 1cm resolution.

Each $39.95

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LV-MaxSonar-EZ ultrasonic sensor


Fast refresh rate of 20Hz when in free-run operation. Great for robots that need to react quickly to obstacles or their surrounding environments. Offers a 1inch resolution.

Each $29.95

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Other Sensors to Try

HRUSB-MaxSonar-EZ usb ultrasonic sensor


For robotic applications with USB communication. Designed for environments where 2-4 ultrasonic sensors are operating simultaneously. Offers a 1mm resolution and calibrated accuracy. Uses the same Micro‑B USB connection as many modern cell phones.

Each $49.95

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XL-MaxSonar-WR outdoor ultrasonic sensor


Great for robotics applications where durability is required. These rugged sensors are excellent for environments where robots may come in contact with other robots, objects, or condensation.

Each $99.95

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 Is your preferred interface not mentioned? Contact us!

Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/Low
AN — Analog Voltage
PW — Pulse Width
AE — Analog Envelope
I2C — I2C Bus
USB — USB Connector
RS232 — RS232 Serial
TTL — TTL Serial
Serial — RS232 or TTL serial

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