Build an Industrial Volume & Presence Reader with an MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensor + ESP32

Learn how to build a robust & waterproof volume and presence reader to create, monitor, and manage insights from Ubidots. written by Maria Carlina Hernandez – Ubidots ​ Are you looking to be assemble an industrial Tank Volume Reader using the precision of ultrasonic sensors, but also keep development and testing simple? Well, we have the solution for you!  MaxBotix Inc has been…
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USB Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

MaxBotix’s USB ultrasonic distance sensors are low-cost ultrasonic proximity sensors featuring an easy-to-use USB interface that connects directly to a computer with a standard Micro-B USB cable. The interface was designed to be very easy and intuitive to use. These USB ultrasonic distance sensors provide a component module solution that offers easy integration with USB…
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UAV Ultrasonic Sensors for Indoor or Outdoor Drones

Easily complete your application with our UAV Sensors. “What goes up, must come down.” One of the biggest considerations for how much time a UAV spends in the air is weight. This means that every ounce affects the UAV. We design our UAV ultrasonic sensors to be high performance, small, compact, low-cost, easy-to-use and lightweight….
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Ultrasonic Quick Start Guide

Ultrasonic Sensor Quick Start Guide – HRLV‑MaxSonar‑EZ

This is provided to serve as an easy to use set-up guide for the HRLV‑MaxSonar‑EZ family of ultrasonic sensors, awarded one of the Top 10 Sensor Products of 2012 from Sensors & Transducers Magazine. This sensor uses sound to measure the distance to nearby objects and reports the information through one of the three sensor outputs….
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Ultrasonic Sensors to Detect Human Presence

Human Presence Sensing with MaxBotix MaxBotix ultrasonic sensors solve the common problem of sensing human presence. Our ultrasonic sensors offer the ability to detect people over a wide range of distances with a high read rate and excellent reading to reading stability. Ultrasonic sensors support a wide range of needs from kiosk based applications to…
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