Sensors for Trash Level Applications

Browse our selection of sensors hand-picked for use in bin level management. You can also review our article on the impact of how our sensors integrate with Smart Waste Management and how it works in conjunction with the Internet of Things. If you need any further help selecting the right sensor for you, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Sensors For All Environments

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TrashSonar ultrasonic sensor for trash level applications


Our recommended trash level measurement sensor. The maximum range of this sensor line is 3.5 meters. 1cm resolution. Multi-sensor installations require chaining or triggered firing.

Starting at $99.95

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Self cleaning ultrasonic sensor for trash level applications


Designed for applications where condensation occurs on the sensor. This sensor features a self‑cleaning transducer face, 1mm resolution, and calibrated accuracy. Other features vary by model and product line.

Each $199.95

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Other Sensors to Try

MB7389 ultrasonic sensor for trash level applications


Designed for tank level measurement. 1mm resolution, calibrated accuracy, and large target filter. Sensors can easily be used in multi-sensor installations.

Starting at $109.95

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MB7334 ultrasonic sensor for trash level applications


The MB7334 has a high sensitivity which is ideal for soft or angled target detection.

Each $149.95

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 Is your preferred interface not mentioned? Contact us!

Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/Low
AN — Analog Voltage
PW — Pulse Width
AE — Analog Envelope
I2C — I2C Bus
USB — USB Connector
RS232 — RS232 Serial
TTL — TTL Serial
Serial — RS232 or TTL serial


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