smart parking vehicle sensors

Using Ultrasonic Sensors in Smart Parking Applications

If you’ve read our articles on Smart Farming and Smart Waste Management, you can see the potential to make jobs more effective, save resources, and connect in a way that makes everyday life easier.  We have spent years developing and testing our sensors for use with automobile detection. Along with sensors used in smart waste…
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MB1240 Ultrasonic Sensor x Arduino Tutorial [With Code Examples]

This article is a summary of the tutorial written by Benne de Bakker of Read the original article here The MB1240 XL-MaxSonar-EZ4 is a high-performance ultrasonic distance sensor with a range of 20 to 765 cm.  Although this tutorial is written for the MB1240, it can also be used for other MaxBotix sensors. In…
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How Noise and Temperature Can Affect Sensor Operation

When choosing the right sensor for your application, there are many factors that product developers and engineers have issues with and need to be taken into consideration. Two of those factors are external noise interference and compensating for temperature in the build and development of your prototype or end product. This article will cover external…
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advantages and limitations of ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors: Advantages and Limitations

Ultrasonic sensors are a great fit for many applications, but it’s always good to understand that every product has limitations on what it can do. This article goes into the advantages and limitations of ultrasonic sensors so that you know if our sensors are right for you. Advantages of Ultrasonic Sensors These are a few…
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Understanding Terms Used by MaxBotix Inc.

This document is created to assist you in your sensor selection, troubleshooting, and other services related to our products.  We want to help you better understand our naming conventions, products exclusive to us, and industry terms.  1. Explaining our naming conventions The letters used in our product names are abbreviations for characteristics the sensor has. …
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