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P-Option for Corrosion Resistance *

Parylene Coating for Improved Corrosion Resistance


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Pricing rules for P-Option for Corrosion Resistance *
QuantityCost Per Product
5 - 9$40
10 - 49$40
50 - 99$24.16

Product Description

The P-Option is a Parylene coating applied to the surface of the aluminum transducer. This helps to improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum transducer. The exposed materials of a properly mounted MaxSonar WR sensor with the P-Option added are: Parylene, PVC, & silicone rubber (VMQ). The F-Option can also be purchased with the P-Option.

Product Specifiations


The P‑Option is compatible with the following sensor lines:

  • 4-20HR‑MaxSonar‑WR
  • 4-20SC‑MaxSonar‑WR
  • HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR
  • HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WRS
  • SCXL‑MaxSonar‑WR
  • SCXL‑MaxSonar‑WRS
  • I2CXL‑MaxSonar‑WR
  • XL‑MaxSonar‑WR

Component Overview

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Parylene, PVC, & silicone rubber (VMQ) coating

Product Documentation

Ultrasonic Sensor Selection Guide…..Ultrasonic Sensor Selection Guide

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