MB7974 Snap-On Horn

Snap-On Horn for the MaxSonar-WRS Sensors

Product Description

The MB7974 is designed to improve the HRXL-MaxSonar-WRS and SCXL‑MaxSonar-WRS performance in snow depth measurement applications. This horn can also increase the range that people are detected with select sensors. Not for individual sale, to purchase a sensor with the Snap-On Horn select the Extended Snap-On Horn housing Option from the sensor product page.

Product Specifications


To check compatibility of the MB7974 Snap-On Horn please view the available housing options on any of our sensor product pages.

Product Documentation

Part Numbers

All part numbers are a combination of a six-character base followed by a dash and a three-digit product code. Please review the following table for more information on the three-digit product code.

Housing Style
0Not Applicable
13/4″ NPS WR
23/4″ NPS WRC
3Ultra Compact
4Ultra Compact Flush Mount
51″ NPS
61″ BSPP
730MM 1.5
8Extended Horn
Options Selected
0No Options (Bagged)
3F-Option and P-Option
4No Options (Trayed)
5TTL (Bagged)
6TTL (Trayed)
Wire Attach
0No Wire Attach
1Wire Attached

The following table displays all of the active and valid part numbers for this product.

Active Part Numbers

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