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Non-Protected Use – UAV Applications

MaxBotix Inc., engineers have written a full evaluation that can be seen here that covers proper mounting of a sensor to avoid acoustic interference from the propellers, and corrections for electrical noise. Through this evaluation, we have identified the sensors with the best operation for for this application.

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This is a great choice for users who may fly in rain or inclement weather. This sensor has the same pin interface as the MB1240, making it a perfect drop in replacement.Each $99.95
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Ultra-compact, lightweight IP67 rated sensors that is perfect for users that fly UAVs in inclement weather. Great for weight sensitive UAVs, this sensor only weighs 18 grams.Each $99.95
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Uses the I2C communication protocol for easy/lightweight wiring. This sensor is available in full size or compact housings for easy mounting and configuration.Each $99.95
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Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/Low
AN — Analog Voltage
PW — Pulse Width
4-20 — 4-20mA Output

AE — Analog Envelope
I2C — I2C Bus
USB — USB Connector
RS232 — RS232 Serial
TTL — TTL Serial
Serial — RS232 or TTL serial