Non-Protected Use – Robotic Applications

Sensors act as an electronic eye for robots. No robot is complete without at least one type of sensor. The original MaxSonar sensors were inspired by the need for a reliable and cost-effective ranging solution for an elementary school student’s robotics project. Along with the inspiration to be implemented by students, MaxSonar sensors offer a choice from a wide range of interfaces.

Our free-running operation simplifies user code and setup. Because of the ease of use, MaxSonar sensors are used in every robot size.

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outdoor robot sensor

Designed for robotic environments where moisture, condensation, heavy dust, and other ultrasonic sensors are present.Starting at $109.95
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outdoor robot sensor

Designed for robotic applications where the sensor requires custom mounting. This sensor is a great choice for environments with a single sensor or strict mounting environments.Each $99.95
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outdoor robot i2c sensor

Uses the I2C communication protocol. This sensor is available in full size or compact housings for easy mounting and configuration.Each $99.95
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Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/Low
AN — Analog Voltage
PW — Pulse Width
4-20 — 4-20mA Output

AE — Analog Envelope
I2C — I2C Bus
USB — USB Connector
RS232 — RS232 Serial
TTL — TTL Serial
Serial — RS232 or TTL serial

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