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MaxBotix Inc., designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensors for a wide variety of applications and has been driving innovation in the ultrasonic sensor industry for the last 10 years. Our ultrasonic sensors are made in America and shipped worldwide from our 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA.

Integrity & Excellence. Customer satisfaction is our first priority — including product selection, design, development, ordering, shipping, and technical support. Ordering is easy through our online store or customers can purchase from one of our many distributors worldwide. MaxBotix Inc., offers hundreds of easy-to-use ultrasonic distance sensors across 18 product lines.

Robotics Sensor

Using a MaxSonar for Robotics

Sensors are the electronic eyes of a robot, and no robot is complete without at least one type of sensor. Ultrasonic sensors are key in robotics for autonomous obstacle avoidance, wall following, and distance sensing. The external sensor informs the robot of its surrounding environment to help establish the robot's position and aid in navigation.

MaxSonar sensors in various robotic applications:

  • Wall Following
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Positioning
  • Room Mapping
  • People Detection
  • Collision Avoidance

Select models allow for multiple sensors to operate simultaneously for multi-robot environments. Our sensors continue to support innovation in robotics.

Robotic Interfaces & Power-Requirements

The original MaxSonar sensors were inspired by the need for a reliable and cost-effective ranging solution for an elementary school student's robotics project. Along with the inspiration to be easily implemented by students, MaxSonar sensors offer a choice from a wide range of interfaces. These interfaces include Analog Voltage, Pulse Width, Serial Data, and I2C.

We design our sensors for longer battery life. They have low-power consumption so your robot operates longer between charges.

Sensor Coding

Our free-running operation simplifies user code and setup. Our sensors are cost-effective and allow for the ability to implement several ultrasonic sensors on a single robot. This gives the robot a wider field of view using the data output from the ultrasonic sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensors in Action

We design and engineer our sensors for Protected Environments and Non-Protectected Environments. Our rugged IP67 sensors are currently being used in outdoor industrial robots. MaxSonar sensors are used in every robot size from a small mobile robot shown in Video 1 to large robots that interface with multiple sensors such as the one shown in Video 2.


Protected Environment
Robotic Sensors


Non-Protected Environment
Robotic Sensors

Introducing the XL-MaxSonar® line of Ultrasonic Sensors

The XL-MaxSonar® line of MaxBotix® Inc., ultrasonic range sensors has arrived. This low cost, high performance sensor is available in both indoor and outdoor versions. The XL-MaxSonar® sensor line maintains the same look and feel of the existing LV-MaxSonar® sensor line; with small size, low power, stable range readings, object detection to the front sensor face, and more, but now has even more reliable distance readings.
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