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Ultrasonic Sensors by MaxBotix® Inc.


Ultrasonic Sensor Component Modules for OEMs, Engineers, & More


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MaxBotix Inc. offers easy to use ultrasonic distance sensors that provide stable range readings. Our ultrasonic sensors have been designed into a wide range of solutions. We currently offer almost 100 standard sensors across 16 product lines along with their related accessories. Check out our full line of Ultrasonic Sensors

Thousands of Ultrasonic Sensor Component Modules Shipped each Week

Large volume manufacturing of our standard products has allowed us to offer generous prices even on the smallest size orders. We ship internationally and currently have distributors in over thirty countries worldwide.

Our reliable and cost effective sensor component modules have developed their own markets and are proven to be the sensor of choice in a wide range of functions.

Key Features of all of our High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinders

Simple Mounting
Lowest Power Usage
RoHS Compliant
Select from Multiple Outputs
High Reading Stability
Calibrated Beam Patterns
Small Target Detection
People Detection
Auto Calibration (XL)
Robust Outdoor (IP67) Sensors
Chemical Resistant Sensors
High Product Quality

Common Applications

People Detection
Automated Store Displays
Booths & Kiosks
Lithium Battery Applications
Solar Powered Applications
Remote Monitoring Stations
Non-Contact Detection
Shipping systems
Mobile Robotics
Chemically Hazardous Locations
Tank Level Measurement
Freight Management Systems
Liquid Level Control
Tide/Water Level Monitoring
Dimensioning & Positioning
Long Range Object Detection
Proximity Detection
Security Systems

View our sensor catalog & integrate one of our sensors into your application


Custom Solutions

For some of our customers, our retail ultrasonic sensors have not fit the requirements of their particular application. As a result, we have designed and manufactured a number of custom solutions. Some of these sensor improvements and features have been incorporated directly into our standard products. For other users we have evaluated their specifications and charged a small NRE fee for their custom parts.

Contact MaxBotix Inc. with your application and its requirements and our engineers will work to arrive at a desirable solution.

Ultrasonic Sensor Selection Guide

For help when choosing a sensor use our Ultrasonic Sensor Selection Guide.

Distributors & OEMs

Visit our products page or you can always check out one of our distributors.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are encouraged to contact us for volume manufacturing prices.

If you would like to become a distributor of our products, contact us.

For more information

Our datasheets, application notes, and MTBF reliability demonstration are available in our list of documents.

Check out our performance data.

For technical questions, refer to our tutorials or contact MaxBotix Inc.

Author: Bob Gross    Date: 11-20-2014
MaxBotix Thanksgiving 2014 This has been another exciting year of outstanding growth. This year the Brainerd Area Chamber of Commerce considered MaxBotix Inc., for the Business Excellence Award.

While we didn't place first, we were one of the three finalists and that was truly wonderful. If you are interested click through to read the article covering our company and the Business Excellence Award Nomination.
Author: Scott Wielenberg  Date: 09-24-2014
4-20HR-MaxSonar-WR Ultrasonic Sensor MaxBotix Inc. launches a high performance 4-20mA output ultrasonic sensor! The new 4‑20HR‑MaxSonar‑WR sensors are high accuracy ultrasonic sensors featuring a 4‑20mA output.

The sensors are available in M30x1.5, 1” BSPP, 1” NPTS and 3/4” NPTS PVC pipe fittings.
Author: Tom Bonar  Date: 05/08/2014
MaxBotix Inc. Sensor Selection The sensors in the MaxSonar family have always been easy to use, but now we have made it even easier to select the proper sensor for your application. We have just released the new Sensor Selection Guide, that is as simple as choosing the environment type and the application.
Author: Tom Bonar  Date: 04/30/2014
How to use a MaxSonar With an Arduino The Arduino micro‑controller is one of the most popular development boards for electronics enthusiasts. With three simple interfaces, it is easy to connect a MaxSonar to an Arduino. For assistance with setup, coding, and wiring, MaxBotix Inc., has made it easier to interface our sensors with an Arduino.
Author: Tom Bonar     Date:06/18/2012
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