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Pin Operation

059 - Configuring USB‑MaxSonars034 - Using Serial Data Pin 5
033 - Using Pulse Width Pin 2032 - Using Analog Voltage Pin 3

059 – Configuring USB‑MaxSonars

This article provides instruction on the easy setup for the MaxBotix® Inc., USB-MaxSonar® ultrasonic sensor lines. This instructional set will help you set up the USB-MaxSonar® ultrasonic sensors with your computer system. Windows Download Linux Download Apple Download Please use your prefered operating system instruction set: Windows    Linux    Apple OS Serial Port Configuration Settings Windows
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034 – Using Serial Data Pin 5

Connecting The MaxSonar to a Computer The MaxSonar® can be directly interfaced to be used with your PC, if you have a PC with a DB9 Serial connection or a USB to DB9 convertor. The DB9 connection is capable of being connected to the TX pin output on the MaxSonar® sensor. Connecting the sensor to
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033 – Using Pulse Width Pin 2

Calculating Distance from Pin 2 All of the MaxSonar sensors have an output waveform that is a pictorial representation of distance measured. For the majority of our sensors that waveform output is a pulse width. The Pulse Width output is 0-Vcc that shows the Time of Flight in microseconds (uS). Our standard LV-MaxSonar and XL-MaxSonar
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032 – Using Analog Voltage Pin 3

Finding Distance Using Analog Voltage How to Calculate Distance from the Pin 3 The Analog Voltage pin on the MaxSonar family of sensors has been the most popular output for our users. All of the MaxSonar sensors have this output included. This guide will give a look into how to use it for obtaining the
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