As a manufacturer and designer of ultrasonic sensor solutions, we have been tasked with developing products to be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Some of our most popular applications include tank and silo level measurement. 

This type of project can have unique challenges not present in other proximity or distance sensing applications. 

Things to think about when mounting your sensor in a tank.

  1. ​Avoidance of obstructions 

The wall of the tank or other obstructions in the tank will give inaccurate readings.

  1. Placement can affect readings 

Our filtering protocol allows the sensor to prioritize large targets over small targets and noise. This is beneficial in tank level monitoring applications as the liquid level tends to give the largest acoustic return.

  1. Beware of the fill stream

The fill stream can also be an obstruction that you may not consider initially in your application.

Tip – When mounting an ultrasonic sensor in a tank, the position of the sensor is very important to the application.  The mounting position of the sensor affects the reliability and consistent performance.

Are you measuring chemicals (liquid or gas) in your tank or water with high levels?

We suggest you use extra protection, as chemicals or gases can have a negative effect on electronics and metals.  These tend to cause corrosion or damage.

If you’re using our sensors in a tank level application, we suggest our F-Option as a design modification for extra protection in corrosive chemical environments. 


Add the F-Option

The F-Option is a fluorosilicone sealant which adds additional water/particulate protections.

Add the P-Option

The P-Option is a parylene coating applied to the aluminum transducer surface for added protection against corrosion. 

Case Studies of MaxBotix Sensors used Tank Level Measurement Applications

We have case studies of our sensors currently being used in applications.

Below you’ll be able to review our collaborators that use our sensors in an end user liquid level or tank application.

Radio Bridge Inc. - Long-range wireless IoT sensor

This ultrasonic level sensor provides high accuracy ultrasonic proximity detection and ranging in air.  If the measured distance rises above or falls below the configured thresholds, an alert is sent to the wireless network.

Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor Radio Bridge

Fast | Teclab - IoT Level Sensor

The Level-X is used to detect the water level flowing in a channel, calculating the water flow for overflow channels. 

iot level sensor

LX Group - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor For Tank Level Measurement

These sensors are for use in grain silos, water tanks, and dams to measure the distance down to the surface level and gauge capacity.

It’s popularly used for monitoring the level of water tanks in remote regions of Australia and New Zealand.

ELSYS - LoRaWAN IoT Distance Sensor 

The ELSYS ELT-2 is enclosed in an IP67 rated box and is designed to be mounted outside or in harsh environments.

Waste level measurement in containers is a real world application.

iot distance sensor mounted

Invigicom - Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor

Invigicom developed an easy to use solution that replaces traditional tank monitoring systems that use float gauges or pressure sensors.

invigisense installed

NCD - Long Range Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor 

NCD develops wireless sensors, control systems, and more. This weather resistant sensor is used in a Wireless Tank Monitoring product line for oil, gas and agriculture clients.

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