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Using an Ultrasonic Sensor Inside of a Pipe

Key Takeaways Successful operation of an ultrasonic sensor inside a pipe has strict pipe requirements Ultrasonic sensor performance is limited by the principles of physics It is possible to get accurate results in a pipe, however, many factors must be accounted for to achieve success Many customers have requested the option to mount an ultrasonic…
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how salt water affects electronics

How Salt Water Affects Electronics

Key Takeaways Know the affects of saltwater on electronics See how saltwater damages electronics Learn how to clean off saltwater residue Pure distilled water does not conduct electricity and will not damage most electrical equipment that is clean and free of debris. Tap water is not pure water because it mixes with polarized minerals as…
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A Guide to Understanding Range Readings

Key Takeaways Resolution indicates the smallest reading or change in readings that can be reported Precision indicates the smallest reading that can be taken repeatedly and reliably Accuracy indicates how close the reading is to the true distance When it comes down to it, you purchase a rangefinder for the range readings. The success of…
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MaxBotix® Inc., Wonderful Innovation!

Wow! We have come out of a wonderful spring and summer of innovation.We just conducted an engineering test of the accuracy of our lowest-cost line of high-resolution sensors, the HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ. The two graphs show 1000 distance measurements each to a bar target at 500mm and 1000mm respectively. The test demonstrates how accurately our sensors measure…
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Tank Sensor Test of the HRXL‑MaxSonar®‑WR

Tank sensors are an important part of industrial automation. MaxBotix Inc. recently performed a liquid level measurement test at our facility. This test ran from July 13, 2012, until July 16, 2012. The test was conducted by filling a bin with water and recording readings from the ultrasonic sensor using the serial connection while the…
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