Ultrasonic Sensor Selection for Indoor Mobile Robotics (1)

Best Ultrasonic Sensor for Indoor Mobile Robotics

Index Intro for Selection of MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensors Mechanical Dimensions Ultrasonic Sensor Beam Patterns are Factory Set People Detection & Rejection of Small Side objects Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Compensation (and over Temperature) Ultrasonic Sensor Operation over Temperature Ultrasonic Sensor Handling of Power Supply Voltage Ultrasonic Sensor Self-Calibration During Sensor Operation Sensor Rejection of Continuous Noise…
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advantages and limitations of ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors: Advantages and Limitations

Ultrasonic sensors are a great fit for many applications, but it’s always good to understand that every product has limitations on what it can do. This article goes into the advantages and limitations of ultrasonic sensors so that you know if our sensors are right for you. Advantages of Ultrasonic Sensors These are a few…
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MaxBotix 12 Ultrasonic Sensor Applications

12 Ultrasonic Sensor Applications

From level monitoring to ultrasonic profiling – ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of applications. MaxBotix offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor sensors that are used in many of the below applications. We offer sensors with features such as condensation control, weather resistance, narrow and wide detection fields, cross-talk and interference…
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frequently asked questions about ultrasonic sensors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasonic Sensors   Advantages of Ultrasonics Main advantages of using ultrasonic sensors vs. others include. High Frequency, high sensitivity and high penetrating power, it can easily detect external or deep objects. These sensors easily interface with microcontrollers or any type of controller. Ultrasonic sensors are easy to use and not dangerous…
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MaxBotix Reading MaxSonar Beam Patterns

Reading MaxSonar Beam Patterns

MaxBotix Inc. provides beam patterns for all of our ultrasonic sensors to assist users in choosing the correct sensor for their application, target size, and distance. Each beam pattern diagram is a 2D representation of the detection area of the sensor. In reality, the actual beam pattern is shaped like a 3D cone (having the…
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