River Flood Monitoring with Ultrasonic Sensors

Omixom SRL is an engineering firm based in Córdoba, Argentina specializing in Agriculture and working with Government entities to provide solutions. How this system works The autonomous station takes samples of the water level and rainfall in a strategic location of the riverbed. This data is sent via a satellite to a web server. The…
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Detecting Range and Proximity with Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

What are Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors Ultrasonic sensors are often used for obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, and autonomous navigation. While they are commonly used for hobby robotics applications, you’ll also find them used in automation and manufacturing use cases.  Most of our sensors are built with the transmitter and receiver in the same housing. We also…
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Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Software Solution

Minneapolis Based Company New Boundary Technologies developed an IoT cloud application for tank level monitoring called TankVista. Industries served by this solution: Manufacturing Oil and Gas Water and Wastewater Agriculture Chemicals Environmental monitoring  Smart city  TankVista was developed to create custom dashboards in only 1 day without needing programmers. This system sends the data collected…
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ultrasonic level sensor with lorawan

Ultrasonic Level LoRaWAN Sensor

Xiamen, Fujian Province, China-based company Ursalink has developed an IoT level measurement solution working with our MB7380 (5m)  and MB7383 (10m) ultrasonic sensors.  Ursalink’s EM500-UDL is an outdoor environment monitoring sensor mainly used to measure distance without object interface contact.  This battery-powered solution is designed for various mounting needs.   Industries served by Ursalink include: Smart…
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smart marina iot sensors

Smart Marina Management with IoT Sensors

Paris, France based company Wattson Elements has a very unique use case with our sensors. They’ve developed FALCO, an IoT sensor solution used to detect boats in a marina.   Industries served:  Marine Industry, Marinas & Harbors Types of solutions: Marina management and services Marina berths/slips occupancy monitoring Boat safety monitoring   Falco’s System uses…
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