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Smart Farming – Digital Revolution of Agriculture

Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds – it’s the production of food and fiber from the world’s land and waters. Without agriculture it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy. Allan Savory   Taking so…
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Industrial Sensors in Factory Automation

Automation is for manufacturers to streamline factory processes and remain profitable.  The goal is to increase output versus input because labor cost is rising in our industrial world.  Automation is now replacing many manual actions.  For markets with a shortage of labor, automated operations can reduce the need for a labor force. We’re going to…
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Wastewater management

Wastewater Management, Improving the Drought

The Importance of Wastewater Management Gwinnett County residents will be asked to keep water on their mind for the rest of the month. The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources announced a series of events that it will hold throughout the remainder of the month to highlight water issues and what its crews do on…
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What is The Internet of Things_

What is The Internet of Things?

Introduction to The Internet of Things. According to Wikipedia, The Internet of Things (IoT) is “The network of physical devices, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity enabling these objects to collect and exchange data.   The Beginning of IoT The first IoT first appeared as early as 1982…
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