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Ultrasonic Sensor for Snow Depth with Low Cost and High Performance

ImageToday, MaxBotix Inc., is responding to customers demand for reliable, high accuracy, and inexpensive sensors for precision snow depth measurement. The Ultrasonic Sensor MB7364 & Ultrasonic Sensor MB7384 HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR Ultrasonic Snow Sensors use high frequency sound to measure the time of flight to the surface of snow. These snow depth sensors are an evolution of our HRXL-MaxSonar-WR product line. To see how MaxBotix’s ultrasonic sensors exceed from the competition, check out Ultrasonic Snow Sensor Demonstrates Great High Accurary.

In the real world snow environment, at our facilities in northern Minnesota, this ultrasonic sensor line was proven and optimized, yielding design solutions that previously hindered competing ultrasonic sensor. These improvements include continued performance during heavy snowfall

conditions, responsive accurate temperature compensation, and continued performance during high wind conditions. The end results are the Ultrasonic Sensor MB7364 & Ultrasonic Sensor MB7384 Snow Depth Sensors. These new snow depth measurement products represent another addition to our continuous expansion of ultrasonic sensor offerings tailored to meet our customers requirements.

Users desiring the highest accuracy are encouraged to use a properly mounted sensor with snow/sun shield. The optional external temperature sensor (MB7972 or equivalent with housing and fan) will provide the most accurate temperature information to the ultrasonic sensor (for the purpose of correcting for speed of sound changes over temperature). Proper mounting instructions can be found in the snow sensor application note.

MaxBotix Inc., Background

MaxBotix Inc., ultrasonic sensors have already seen deployment in a variety of industrial and scientific applications ranging from robotics, people detection, industrial automation, and remote monitoring.

The HRXL-MaxSonar-WR series of ultrasonic sensors were specifically designed for use in high volume applications and offer easy to use outputs, a weather resistant IP67 design, easy installation and mounting, excellent performance characteristics, and prices that support both smaller-scale prototyping and also wide-scale deployments.

The 200,000+ hours MTBF and the low power consumption easily allows the ultrasonic sensor to operate in battery based systems for extended periods of time (or solar powered systems indefinitely) easing maintenance requirements and allowing for remote installations. The ultrasonic sensor design is similar to the design already deployed worldwide in some of the worlds harshest environments including hurricanes, on the underside of flatbeds, and in many fuel tank measurement applications.

Select Specifications for the Ultrasonic Sensor MB7364 & Ultrasonic Sensor MB7384

  • Range: 0mm to 5000 mm for target detection. 500mm to 5000mm range information.
  • Resolution: 1 mm
  • Power: 2.7V to 5.5V (VDC), 120mA peak, 5mA operation, (3.3V – 5.5V recommended in snow applications.)
  • Interfaces: Pulse Width, Analog Voltage, Serial data – RS232 (MB7364) or TTL (MB7384)
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Mounting: 3/4 inch NPT straight
  • Operational Temperature: Rated for operation at -40C to +65C
  • Additional Specifications: Are available in the Product Datasheet.
  • Price: MSRP $149.99