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2015 Sensors Expo Recap

2015 Sensors Expo & Conference

MaxBotix® Inc., attended the 2015 Sensors Expo & Conference in Long Beach, California. We greatly enjoyed our time at the expo thanks to the many attendees who stopped by our booth to say hi and learn about our sensors. Hearing from so many people with passion for the industry gave us new ideas that we are excited to start implementing; we look forward to building relationships with many of those who stopped by our booth.

The Expo and Sensor Technology

Sensor Expo RecapAfter a brief set up, the MaxBotix team was ready for the expo to begin in full force on June 10th. We had a great time seeing everyone at the expo. Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth, and thank you all for coming and supporting the sensor industry. You gave us a number of great new ideas and let us know what you really want to see. We are looking forward to working with a number of the other vendors, and we are excited by a number of great things and new products to come as a result of this expo.

If you missed the expo or just missed our booth feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.