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Easy to Use Sensors are now Easier to Select

Sensor Selection Guide, MaxBotix Inc., Ultrasonic Sensor The sensors in the MaxSonar family have always been easy to use with interfaces such as Analog Voltage, Pulse Width, and Serial data, but now we have made it even easier to select the proper sensor for your application. We have just released the new Sensor Selection Guide, that is as simple as choosing the environment type and the application.Previously, MaxBotix Inc., employees would inquire if the application was “Indoor” or “Outdoor”; this new guide poses the questions “Is the application ‘Protected’ or ‘Non-Protected’?”

A “protected environment” is any environment in which the sensor being used is protected from condensation, moisture, and large amounts of dust. The MaxSonar-EZ sensors are designed for operation in this environment type. The transducer on these sensors will be damaged if any of these environmental conditions come in contact with it.

A “non-protected environment” is any environment in which the sensor is being used in harsh conditions. This can include but not limited too: rain, snow, dense fog, heavy dust. For applications in these settings, the MaxSonar-WR, MaxSonar-WRC, and MaxSonar-WRS sensors are recommended. These sensors were designed for environments where ruggedness is required.

The terms “protected environment” and “non-protected environment” will be replacing “indoor environment” and “outdoor environment”, respectively, when speaking with a MaxBotix Inc., representative.

We invite you to use the new Sensor Selection Guide for new sensor applications. If an application is not mentioned, our technical support representatives will be glad to assist you in selecting the appropriate sensor.