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MaxBotix Inc., Thanksgiving 2013

MaxBotix Inc., Thanksgiving 2013

Giving thanks for our Company Growth

This has been an exciting year of growth at MaxBotix Inc. As of May 2013, our operations are now in a newly remodeled 22,000 square foot building (with 23 attached acres for further construction). In this new facility we have continued, all year, to add people to our wonderful staff. Our continued commitment to quality, conformance, performance, and price leadership has created new markets for ultrasonic sensors. In addition, our ultrasonic distance sensor performance, and our product value (price/performance) leadership allows us to also penetrate the well established ultrasonic sensor markets. We continue giving thanks to Jesus for all He has done for MaxBotix Inc., our employees, our customers, and our suppliers.

MaxBotix Inc., wishes you all a wonderful holiday season!

MaxBotix Inc., Will Be Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Normal Operations will Resume on the 2nd of December.