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MaxBotix® Inc., Made in the USA

MaxSonar Made in the USAMany people have been astounded that the MaxBotix Inc., products are made in the USA. With the low prices we advertise when compared to our competitors, we have been asked where our products are manufactured. When employees state “Our products are made in the USA.”, we have many various responses.

With electronics it is almost impossible to be 100% made in the USA, especially with components like micro-controllers, opamps, and other small electronic components.

With this being said, the FTC has published guidelines for products that would qualify as “Made in the USA”. If you wish to read the full FTC’s “Complying with Made in the USA Standard” document click here.

MaxSonar Creation

All of our core components used in the MaxBotix Inc., sensors have gone through QA/QC and are tested in our facility after the sensors have been made. Every sensor MaxBotix Inc., sells is engineered, assembled, programmed, calibrated, and packaged in the USA. From receiving the raw material to the final product ready for sale there are significant transformations that take place.

Our “Made in the USA” claim and use of it:

  • The basic components of our products have gone through significant transformation from the raw materials to the finished product that is purchasable through our facility.
  • The cost of labor to create, program, and test our products far exceeds that of all the raw core components
  • Finally there is a significant amount of labor that goes into the creation of our product from the engineering to the testing of all of our products.

If you wish to discuss this topic further if it is of interest to you or your company.
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