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MaxSonar® Sensors in a feature article in the June 2008 Servo Magazine

In the past three years, a few articles have been written about our sensors, but the latest one by Fred Eady, is the most detailed article to date. We first learned about this article after the June 2008 Servo Magazine arrived in our mailbox. This article takes up almost ten percent of the June 2008 Servo Magazine and discusses the MaxSonar sensor line. Fred talks about the differences between each of the sensor’s beam width, how to use each user interface, and the many features and benefits to using the MaxSonar sensors.

We contacted Servo Magazine and they generously provided links to pass on to our customers. The article is large, so if you click to download, please allow time for the download.

Servo Magazine’s article “Building a Sonar System” can be found at Building a Sonar System. The article references a link to the MaxBotix driver software.

MaxBotix Inc., has experienced amazing growth over the last three years and we thank you for continued interest in our products.