iot ultrasonic distance sensor

IoT solution with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Soficta Oy, Finland based company uses an ultrasonic sensor from MaxBotix’s WR line in their IoT based monitoring solution called Aistio District Monitoring – a comprehensive remote monitoring service, targeted for Energy Companies with District Heating and Cooling (DHC). Aistio District Monitoring: Ultrasonic sensor used for measuring water level inside DHC manholes Battery operated device,…
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Chemical Level Sensor

Chemicals can be corrosive and affect the use of your sensor in a tank or other environment where chemicals are present.  For that, we can offer a non-contact, continuous level sensor.    View our Weather Resistant, IP67 rated Sensors here.   The management of the liquid level of chemicals can be challenging for the manufacturing…
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iot water level monitoring and flood

IoT Water Level Monitoring and Flood Tracking Sensor

Carnation, WA based ToltHawk has developed a fully customizable hardware and cloud solution to monitor water levels remotely.   Typical industries served by Tolthawk include: Monitoring rivers & streams, Flood monitoring, River basin simulation Roadway monitoring for flood conditions Wells, snow, dams, water tanks, irrigation flumes and weirs, soil moisture, and many others. ToltHawk Solutions…
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oil tank level sensor

Oil Tank Level Sensor

Sensors for Reliable Oil Tank Level Sensing Tanks serve many purposes in industrial and farm applications.  It’s very common that tanks are used in the oil and gas industry.  They serve the purpose of holding oil as well as water and other chemicals.  A problem many companies have is finding a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective…
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cloud Computing Platform

IIOT FogLAMP – Industrial Internet of Things Cloud Computing Platform Menlo Park, CA-based Dianomic serves several different industries with their solution. They use Fledge, which is an open-source framework and community for the industrial edge, to build their open source project, FogLAMP.  FogLAMP uses a common set up application, management and security REST APIs with…
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