advantages and limitations of ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors: Advantages and Limitations

Ultrasonic sensors are a great fit for many applications, but it’s always good to understand that every product has limitations on what it can do. This article goes into the advantages and limitations of ultrasonic sensors so that you know if our sensors are right for you. Advantages of Ultrasonic Sensors These are a few…
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Understanding Terms Used by MaxBotix Inc.

This document is created to assist you in your sensor selection, troubleshooting, and other services related to our products.  We want to help you better understand our naming conventions, products exclusive to us, and industry terms.  1. Explaining our naming conventions The letters used in our product names are abbreviations for characteristics the sensor has. …
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how ultrasonic sensors work

Understanding How Ultrasonic Sensors Work

  Ultrasonic sensing is one of the best ways to sense proximity and detect levels with high reliability. Our technical support gets emails all of the time about how our sensors work and what environments our sensors work (or don’t work) in. This guide was created as an introduction to ultrasonic sensing, it’s principles, and…
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Trailer Cargo Sensor – Monitoring Trailer Capacity with an Ultrasonic Sensor

Technology is altering many industries to increase the profitability and efficiency of core functions of businesses. You may have read in the Internet of Things article how we have worked closely with companies in smart waste management and smart parking. After speaking with a few trucking companies, we’ve realized there are important updates we can make to the use…
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First Robotics 2019

2019 First Robotics Teams Receive a MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensor

2019 First Robotics Teams – Welcome! We are excited to support your team this year with a free sensor! This year we are giving each team one of our best ultrasonic proximity sensors, the MB1013 MaxSonar Sensor from our HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ line. This small, lightweight sensor is designed for easy integration into your project, and it is a great…
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