The MaxBotix RMA Process Guide

Key Takeaways MaxBotix Inc., uses a systematic evaluation process to determine the functionality of each sensor. Soldering to the sensor’s pins may affect the sensor replacement policy. If a sensor is found functional, MaxBotix Inc., support will continue to help resolve the issue you are facing. When providing support, our technical support team may determine…
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Using an Ultrasonic Sensor Inside of a Pipe

Key Takeaways Successful operation of an ultrasonic sensor inside a pipe has strict pipe requirements Ultrasonic sensor performance is limited by the principles of physics It is possible to get accurate results in a pipe, however, many factors must be accounted for to achieve success Many customers have requested the option to mount an ultrasonic…
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Ultrasonic Sensor Output Options

Key Takeaways Analog voltage provides range information on a linear voltage scale Pulse width outputs a digital representation of range using a pulse which directly corresponds with the range Serial data output of our sensors delivers asynchronous data at TTL voltage levels The analog envelope output is a minimally filtered output of the acoustic waveform…
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