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MaxBotix Inc.® Value Statements

The directors at MaxBotix Inc.® held a retreat to review the vision and mission of the company over the last year and to set intentions for the upcoming year. It was at this retreat where the value statements took shape.

Value Statement: Personal Value Purpose

We encourage our employees to discover, pursue, & strengthen their gifts and talents in order to run with purpose.

Value Statement: Kindness

We live by the golden rule of "Do unto others as you would like done unto you", and we strive for the platinum rule of "Treat others as they want to be treated".

Value Statement: Giving

We believe that everyone has a God-given talent to impact the world around them. We value our employees' differences and celebrate what they can bring to the company and encourage their growth to further impact the world.

Value Statement: Fun in Summer

Today is a good day for a good day. We believe that we choose our attitude and set the intention for having a good day. We believe having fun and making someone's day is a valuable part of being present and attentive to those around us and the task at hand.

Value Statement: Honesty and Integrity

Honesty & Integrity are character traits that are ingrained in one's person. We are who we say we are when working with customers, employees, and those we encounter.

Value Statement: Humility

In an environment of continuous change & improvement, we realize that perfection is not attainable. Humility is the ability to view one's imperfections as learning opportunities that increases personal growth that benefits the employee.

Value Statement: Continuous Improvements

We identify that continuous improvement is vital for the growth of our employees and business.

Value Statement: Excellence

We are constantly exceeding our goals, expectations, boundaries, and potential.

Value Statement: Innovation

Innovation is a stepping stone to creating a vision for the future.

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