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MaxBotix Inc., Releases the MB8450 Car Detection Sensor

MB8450 building installationThe MB8450 Car Detection Sensor is a USB ultrasonic proximity sensor with a True/False output, an optional range output, and an IP67 rating for use in outdoor environments. This sensor detects cars in a variety of installations such as: drive thru ATMs, fast‑food restaurants, pharmacies, smart parking meters, or outdoor parking garages. The user can integrate multiple sensors into one system without sensor-to-sensor interference.Currently it can be a challenge to know the accurate use percentage of outdoor services. Real-time ultrasonic technologies gives ATM owners, drive thru managers, parking meter enforcement, and outdoor parking garage attendants information on the occupancy or vacancy of a stall. The MB8450 Car Detection Sensor provides a simple solution to obtain real-time knowledge if a space is being used, how long the space is used, and how often it is used.

MB8450 sensors can be used to enhance the customer experience, such as giving an automated greeting shortly after their arrival, or by automatically notifying staff and triggering a sales order. This results in greater efficiency of staff and better customer service. Real‑world, real‑time information eliminates the guessing game so upper management can make informed decisions based on facts.

The MB8450 Car Detection Sensor is now available for sale at MaxBotix Inc., starting at $89.95 retail. For volume pricing contact MaxBotix [email protected].