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|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-20-2012    |

Tank sensors are an important part of industrial automation. MaxBotix Inc., recently performed a liquid level measurement test at our facility. This test ran from July 13, 2012 until July 16, 2012. The test was conducted by filling a bin with water and recording readings from the ultrasonic sensor using the serial connection while the liquid was allowed to drain.

|     Written By: Bob Gross     |     Date Posted: 07-12-2012    |

MaxBotix Inc., continues to to expand our sensor line with our newest sensor the HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR. This new rugged sensor line includes the standard outputs that are featured on our current sensor lines with the addition of higher resolution, greater accuracy, and temperature compensation. It also has superior noise rejection when compared to the XL‑MaxSonar‑WR. With the pin-out being the same as the current XL‑MaxSonar‑WR sensors, the HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR is a drop in upgrade.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012    |

Many people have been astounded that the MaxBotix Inc., products are made in the USA. With the low prices we advertise when compared to our competitors, we have been asked where our products are manufactured.

This link shows the beam patterns for the following products: MB7360 & MB7380; MB7363 & MB7383; MB7366 & MB7386; MB7369 & MB7389.
|     Written By: Scott Wielenberg     |     Date Posted: 04-13-2012    |

Production of the HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ sensors started this last week. We are finishing all the production fixtures and test sets. The datasheet is in the engineering department and is being handed back and forth for revisions. We have the website going through final revisions for publishing and all internal system updates are being finished for this new and exciting product.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 06-18-2012    |

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|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 04-02-2012    |

MaxBotix® Inc., products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 04-02-2012    |

MaxBotix® Inc., holds full patent status on the MaxSonar® line of ultrasonic rangefinders (patent 7,679,996).

|     Written By: Cody Carlson     |     Date Posted: 06-02-2015    |

Many sensor applications require the user to detect people in an environment. MaxBotix® Inc., provides ultrasonic sensors that reliably detect people, and our sensors have been installed in a large number of people detection applications. Your application has the best chances of success when you put careful consideration into the sensor selection process.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 04-18-2012    |

All the MaxSonar sensors, by default, will operate in a free run mode. What this means is the sensor will continue to range until power is removed from the sensor. This is generally the easiest way to operate in a single sensor setup.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Updated: 10-23-2015    |

Our sensors are improved to not allow unstable readings. Occasionally unstable range readings occur. Within this tutorial we will explain how to identify, troubleshoot, and eliminate the cause of unstable range readings. This will work for all sensor lines.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 04-09-2012    |

The MaxSonar® can be directly interfaced to be used with your PC, if you have a PC with a DB9 Serial connection or a USB to DB9 convertor. The DB9 connection is capable of being connected to the TX pin output on the MaxSonar® sensor. Connecting the sensor to a computer allows the user to see range readings that have already been processed to distance using RS232.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012    |

All of the MaxSonar sensors have an output waveform that is a pictorial representation of distance measured. For the majority of our sensors that waveform output is a pulse width. The Pulse Width output is 0-Vcc that shows the Time of Flight in microseconds (uS).

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012    |

The Analog Voltage pin on the MaxSonar family of sensors has been the most popular output for our users. All of the MaxSonar sensors have this output included. This guide will give a look into how to use it for obtaining the distance to the target being detected.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-11-2012    |

When using a single sensor, typically it is possible to just let it range continuously in free run mode. This method is easy and works well.

Please consult your sensor datasheet or Finding Distance Using Analog Voltage for calculation formulas for analog voltage to distance.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012    |

MaxBotix Inc., provides beam patterns for all of our ultrasonic sensors to assist users in choosing the correct sensor for: application, target size, and the distance needed to detect. The beam patterns provided are approximations to target sizes and distance. Though our beam patterns are accurate for the sensor, there may be slight differences from sensor to sensor for each corresponding part number. All of our sensors are all factory calibrated so additional units of the same part number will have similar beam patterns.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 01-06-2012    |

This is an index of FAQs from our old website.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Update: 07-18-2012    |

This is an article providing code examples for the MaxBotix® Inc., sensors.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-01-2006    |

On July 1st 2006, Maxbotix® Technologies has become MaxBotix® Inc. This changes the legal status of the company and supports the continuing growth of MaxBotix® Inc.

|     Written By: Carl Myhre     |     Date Posted: 03-21-2012    |

The New HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ Ultrasonic Sensor with 1mm resolution, multiple sensor operation, and optional temperature compensation for $34.95.

This link shows the beam patterns for the following products: MB1003; MB1013; MB1023; MB1033; MB1043.
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