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|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Updated: 05-10-2012    |

MaxBotix Inc., has released the HRLV‑MaxSonar‑EZ for sale to the public. As we continue to finalize the design and work through our initial production run we wanted to give our customers a look into some of our new product features.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-20-2009    |

The XL-MaxSonar® line of MaxBotix® Inc., ultrasonic range sensors has arrived. This low cost, high performance sensor is available in both indoor and outdoor versions. The XL-MaxSonar® sensor line maintains the same look and feel of the existing LV-MaxSonar® sensor line; with small size, low power, stable range readings, object detection to the front sensor face, and more, but now has even more reliable distance readings.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 01-23-2009    |

MaxBotix® Inc., announces the MaxSonar®-WR1™ sensors. These sensors are designed for either indoor or outdoor use while maintaining very low cost. The MaxSonar® -WR1™ will work in many industrial application such as presence sensing (determining whether an object is present or not), distance measurement, outdoor mounting, people and proximity detection, and tank level detection.

|     Written By: Scott Wielenberg     |     Date Posted: 01-29-2009    |

MaxBotix® Inc., custom-made sensors are scheduled for micro UAV flight-tests. Weighing in at less than seven grams each, these sensors are an evolutionary extension of the MaxSonar®-EZ line, except with custom high-power drive electronics, integrated sensitive amplifiers and envelope detection and signal conditioning. Arrays of these custom sensors provide the ability to yield longrange real-time detailed situational awareness.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 06-01-2008    |

In the past three years, a few articles have been written about our sensors, but the latest one by Fred Eady, is the most detailed article to date. We first learned about this article after the June 2008 Servo Magazine arrived in our mailbox. This article takes up almost ten percent of the June 2008 Servo Magazine and discusses the MaxSonar sensor line. Fred talks about the differences between each of the sensor's beam width, how to use each user interface, and the many features and benefits to using the MaxSonar sensors.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 05-01-2008    |

Aurora Flight Sciences plans in 18 months to fly a micro-sized unmanned air vehicle that is guided by visual and sonar sensors inspired by flies and bats. A pair of MaxBotix acoustic sensors detects even smaller obstacles, such as wires, by localizing their location by sending acoustic pings from two, wingtip-mounted sensors. The challenge involves cramming several tiny cameras, two sonar antennas and on-board processing into a prototype package that weighs no more than 300g (10.6oz) and consumes less than 5W.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 07-17-2007    |

Users of ultrasonic rangefinders have found that the beam widths of low cost ultrasonic sensors do not always match their application. Wider beam width (and more sensitivity) is better suited for obstacle detection, people detection, collision avoidance, detecting small objects, and more robust detection in the central beam area. Narrower beam width (and less sensitivity) is useful for clutter rejection, high acoustic noise environments, directional ranging, room mapping, or using an ultrasonic sensor to locate an opening such as a door. Some users require very long long detection and ranging, while others only care about performance only out to one meter.

|     Written By: Carl Myhre     |     Date Posted: 01-06-2011    |

Welcome note and links provided.

|     Written By: Carl Myhre & Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 01-06-2012    |

This is provided to serve as an easy to use set-up guide for the LV‑MaxSonar‑EZ family of ultrasonic sensors. This sensor uses sound to measure the distance to nearby objects, and then reports the information through one of the three sensor outputs.

MaxBotix Inc., is excited to provide this guide which is designed to assist you in using your MaxSonar sensor for the first time!

This quick start guide was created using the LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 MB1010 sensor.

|     Written By: Carl Myhre     |     Date Posted: 12-23-2011    |

A Merry Christmas holiday letter wrapping up a year of growth with a joyful and thankful spirit.

|     Written By: Bob Gross     |     Date Posted: 11-23-2011    |

In a time of general industry economic downsizing, MaxBotix Inc., would like to express thanks to God, our employees, our customers, and our suppliers that have all contributed to another year of super growth at MaxBotix Inc.

|     Written By: Scott Wielenberg     |     Date Posted: 11-21-2011    |

It's a little known fact that all of our MaxSonar products have been designed with a high acoustic noise tolerance. This means that the MaxSonar sensors from all of our product lines work to reduce or eliminate false detections caused by external noise sources. While acoustic noise tolerance is only a small part of our "sensor magic", that provides our users with reliable and stable range information, it is a critical factor for some of our users.

This link shows the beam patterns for the following products: MB7067 & MB7077; MB7068 & MB7078.
This link shows the beam patterns for the following products: MB7052 & MB7092; MB7060 & MB7070; MB7062 & MB7072; MB7066 & MB7076.
This link shows the beam patterns for the following products: MB1200 & MB1300; MB1210 & MB1310; MB1220 & MB1320; MB1230 & MB1330; MB1240 & MB1340; MB1260 & MB1360; MB1261 & MB1361.

We would like to express our thanks to our employees, our customers, and our suppliers that have all contributed to another year of super growth at MaxBotix Inc. This year again, we moved to larger and better facilities (purchased in 2009). Checkout the product sales chart and see that sales have continued to double every year, an astounding rate! But most of all we give thanks to Father above, that continues to provide for us, our customers, and our suppliers. Thank you Jesus!

The MaxBotix Inc., HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ1 (MB1013) makes the perfect robot sensor for robot pole finding, navigation, distance sensing, direction, and alignment. For example, a single sensor on your robot can be used to maintain a safe distance from a pole or object. This sensor provides your robot with real time information about its environment that can aid in the navigation around and to obstacles. Using two sensors on your robot will provide an easy and accurate method of pointing your robot directly toward a distant object. This method can also provide both distance and bearing to a pole or object.

MaxBotix Inc. Company History from January 2004 to present.

MaxBotix Inc. Product History from December 2005 to present.

This link shows the beam patterns for the following products: MB1000, MB1010, MB1020, MB1030, MB1040.

The primary goal during the building of the original LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 was to make a high performance ultrasonic range finder that provided readings, so stable, that unless the object moved, the readings didn’t vary. This was the first and primary goal during the initial design of the LV-MaxSonar-EZ1, these goals have continued and been improved upon for all of our subsequent products. MaxBotix Inc., has virtually reached that goal. The original LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 ranges objects between 6” and 254” and objects closer than 6” report 6”. Below is an actual plot to a swinging ball showing the stability of readings provided by the LV-MaxSonar-EZ1.

This test was conducted to verify and document the reliability of the MaxBotix Inc., MaxSonar product lines. Test parameters were selected that, if met, would establish and verify a mean time between failure (MTBF) of at least 200,000 hours. Additionally, industry practice states that product performance at temperature extremes (-40°C, +70°C), during and after a significant number of temperature cycles, is required to validate the MTBF.

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